«Only mountains can be better than mountains» A prize was established in the framework of the international competition “Open Eurasia” for the best work dedicated to the mountains

So leave unnecessary disputes —
I have already proved everything to myself:
Only mountains can be better than mountains,
Which I haven’t been to yet.
(Vladimir Vysotsky)

A long climb, mountain air, a heavy backpack, songs to the guitar, a smouldering fire, the milky way overhead and countless stars in the sky and in the distance the desired peak that will be conquered. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? You will have the opportunity to feel it for yourself soon. The Open Eurasia competition presents the award named after Arkadiy Bezrukov together with the travel company «Ak-Sai travel» for the best work about the mountains.

The Open Eurasia international competition has been held since 2012. During the eight years of its existence, representatives from more than 80 countries participated in the competition, which supports and promotes the creativity of the Eurasian region in their works.

Award named after Arkadiy Bezrukov has been held since 2015. In 2015, Pavel Shumov became the winner of the award. In 2018, as part of the Republican exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol, the prize named after Arkadiy Bezrukov received Irina Kiyanova and Marlan Nysanbayev for their artistic works dedicated to the Komsomol construction site BAM. In 2020, the award is again held as part of the Open Eurasia competition. The purpose of the award is to select the best work related to the theme of mountains, Hiking, and mountaineering. Winner of the award named after Arkadiy Bezrukov and the travel company «Ak-Sai travel» will be able to make an incredible week-long trip to the Tien Shan mountains and, if desired, climb to the Khan Tengri Peak (7010 m). The award pays for everything: flight to Bishkek, accommodation, food, helicopter flight to the mountains, stay at the base camp, if desired — climb to the top and return flight home. The total cost of the tour is more than $ 2000 for ordinary travelers from all over the world, and for the winner — free of charge.

In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to present their work at the annual Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum (OEBF) in 2021.

The Open Eurasia contest accepts works in Russian, English, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Ukrainian, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Tatar, and Belarusian that have not been published in English before. Applications are accepted until September 15, 2020. This year’s award ceremony is planned to be held in November, in Madrid (Spain) as part of the 9th OEBF. Finalists of the competition will be able to come to the festival to present their works and get acquainted with the winners of previous years. Applications are accepted from all comers. For more information about the terms of participation in the competition and festival, visit the official website: http://www.awardslondon.com/

The «Open Eurasia» contest is an opportunity to fulfill your dream of conquering one of the most beautiful mountain peaks.


The Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum is an annual international open literary festival and forum that brings together poets, writers, artists, Directors, artists, and creative people of all professions from the Eurasian region and around the world. The festival and forum is built on the principle of openness and interaction of all arts based on literature, providing an opportunity to establish dialogue and communication within the literary and cultural space and providing an opportunity for authors to Express themselves.

Bezrukov Arkady Ivanovich 1946-1975 years of life.

Elena Bezrukova: “My father was the best representative of his generation: honest, strong, romantic, selfless, very valued friendship. He  was a mountaineer, he loved mountains very much. My father played the guitar and wrote stories. The father is always alive for our family. He is one of the best people, and people should know about him.”

Travel company “Ak-Sai travel » is a travel company located in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. The company was founded in 1998. AK SAI travel company organizes group and individual tours both in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It specializes in such tours as: tours along the great silk road, mountaineering, trekking, horse riding, heliski,helicopter rides and many others.

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a non — profit organization that promotes and unites creative people of all spheres and forms of art. The Guild has gathered thousands of cultural figures from all over the world and is created as a community of writers, musicians, dancers, illustrators, designers, sculptors, poets, as well as anyone who considers themselves a creative person.

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