Competition Frequently Asked Questions:

As from 2019 it is necessary to be a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) to participate in the OEBF Competition, why the change?

The Open Eurasia contest is organised by a British non-profit organisation without external funding. Our competition is growing and developing, over 9 years it has grown by 12 times: from 140 to 1600 participants. Which means that it requires more administration resources to handle the size of the competition. To date, membership fees have subsidised this work, however due to the size of the festival we now require all contestants to become members to sustain this programme. The minimum contribution to the Eurasian Creative Guild is just £ 20 per year. This not only gives you entry to this competition, but also all other activities of the ECG and to become part of a large international community.

The overall value of the guild in organising activities such as this, is to create a sustainable community of professionals from across the world. We find that commitment to the membership of the guild for more than a single activity is not only beneficial to our community but also the individual participant through their timely and professional development. 

We understand that this minimal payment will in some respects reduce entires, however we believe that this price remains to be extremely good value to enter a competition with a prize fund value of $ 40,000 with a guaranteed publication of books of winners in London and hope that participants will see the extra added value of being part of the ECG community as a valuable addition also.

1. Is it possible to get a certificate of the finalist of the competition / the participant of the festival in print format?

All certificates will be sent in online format by e-mail, or those who is taking part at the festival will get it personally. If you want to receive a printed certificate in the post, you must pay and administration charge of £ 10.00. Sending will be carried out by air (royal mail).

2. Who is on the jury of the competition?

The jury of the competition includes various experts, specialists (including guild members not participating in the competition). This changes every year. Their names are not publicly disclosed in order to avoid pressure and conflict of interest.

3. What kind of work can I make for illustration, translation etc?

You may choose the work of the participants of the OEBF contests of previous years, as well as among submitted works to the competition for this year. The list of works of past years and links to them can be found on the website below:

2012 — 2016 — www.rus.ocabookforum.com

2017 — www.17.ocabookforum.com

2018 — 2020 — http://www.awardslondon.com

4. Is it possible to illustrate or make a literary traslation based on the work of Saint Exupery, for example, or someone else who has not participated in the competition?

We accept only art works from OEBF participants or books published by the Hertfordshire Press.

5. Can I participate in two or more categories, subcategories of the competition?

Yes. For example, you can submit your work to the category of “literary work”, and then illustrate your work and submit it to the category of “illustration” or “translation”.

6. In what literary genre are works accepted?

Absolutely in any, it can be one poem or a whole collection, a short story or an essay or a whole novel. Works containing pornography, calls for extremism, propaganda of violence and cruelty, national intolerance, drugs and other incorrect texts for the contest are not allowed.

7. What is the best format for sending documents?

Artwork — Word format, PDF;
Excerpt — Word format;
Photography — JPG;
Illustration — JPG, resolution 300 dpi;

8. Is it possible to submit a collection of poems to the competition? or storybook?

Yes, it is.

9. Is it possible to participate in other contests at the same time?

Yes, it is.

10. What if I have a dilogy or trilogy or tetralogy etc. Is it possible to send only the first part (book) to the competition?

Yes, it is.

11. Can I change my art work? Can I send another application or new text? Is it possible to change photo, biography?

It is not possible, the application is accepted once and cannot be changed.

12. Is a synopsis or excerpt necessary if the work itself is more or less than 1,500 words?

Yes, it is.

13. Is synopsis necessary for verses?


14. Is the work of passed away authors accepted?

Yes, if the applicant is the direct heir — the copyright holder, or has official confirmation from the heir — the copyright holder.

15. Can I delete the application / excerpt / synopsis / work submitted in this or previous years?

Since the project is non-profit, and does not have permanent administrators working on applications, deletion is impossible. If the deletion is very important for you, then the contest administration may turn to the services of third parties (web administrators). In this case, it will be necessary to make a one-time payment of this service in the amount of £ 10.00.



1. Why did I receive more than one letter?

Because you submitted your work in several categories, we send you the letter for each of the categories.

2. Do festival organisers pay for air ticket, residence and food?

All organisational actions are taken by the participants of the festival on their own.

3. Where is the best place to book a hotel?

It is better to book a hotel or hostel in the centre of the city, as most events are held there.

4. What are the conditions for visa support?

We provide visa invitations only after paying an administrative fee of £ 30 according to the guild charter paragraph 4.5.1. For members of the Guild, the fee is refundable (£ 30 is reimbursed). Considering that the guest is personally present at the official opening of the festival all subsequent events.

If the applicant cannot attend the opening of the festival, regardless of the reasons, the administrative fee is not refundable. The visa invitation is made within 3-5 business days.

5. Are non-members of the Guild can refund an administrative fee of £ 30 for a visa invitation?

No, this privilege is provided only for members of the Guild and participants of Open Eurasia.

6. If I am registered at the festival as an official participant, speaker, exhibition or corporate participant, do I have to pay a fee for a visa invitation?

Not if you have already paid for one of these categories.

7. Do the festival organisers provide a transfer from the airport to the city centre?

Participants of the competition will need to arrange all travel to and from the airport on their own.

8. Will the festival participant receive a certificate?

Yes, each participant in the festival will receive a certificate of participation.

9. Is absentee participation in the festival possible?

Yes, it is. In the “speaker” category (with a 50% discount), if you have a video chat / conference on Skype and the possibility of a representative attending the festival.
In the “official participant” category (with a 50% discount), obtaining a certificate, mentioning in a British magazine and the possibility of a representative attending the festival.

10. Can I attend all events?

Festival events are divided into two groups: closed and open.
Open are available for all participants and guests. The number of seats is limited, preliminary registration is required.
Closed events for participants in the categories “Official Participant”, “Speaker”, “Exhibition”, “Corporate Participant”.
See details on all categories on our website.

11. Why should I pay for the “Official participant” category?

The festival is organised at the expense of membership fees of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) and contributions of festival participants. This is an additional cost which cannot be covered under our membership governance.

12. Is there a discount or privilege for shortlisted finalists?


13. What is approximate cost of a trip?

The cost of the trip for each participant depends on the budget. Approximately a trip will be $ 800 per person, including air tickets.

14. Where are the festival events held?

You can see all the details in the preliminary online version of the program.

15. Do I need to attend all events?

Not necessary but we would like to pay your attention that the opening and closing of the festival are key events at which we would like to see everyone!

16. Can I buy a ticket for one event or attend only the award ceremony?

No, you cannot do that.

17. If I am an official participant, can my relatives / friends be with me?

Yes, but for each person it is necessary to pay a separate visa invitation and official participation in the amount of:
— £ 250 for participants.
The cost of participation with a 25% discount (for members of the Guild) will be £ 188.

18. If the accompanying person is not going to take part in the festival events, but wants to go to Lille for an excursion, is this possible?

Yes, all expenses are paid independently.

19. If I am on the shortlist, can I attend the award ceremony or official dinner?

Dinner and the award ceremony are closed events and are not available, even if you got into the final of the contest or won it.

20. If I am on the short list of the contest, do I have to present my work?

No, the presentation of the competition works at the request of the finalist. You will be given a short period of time (5 minutes) to speak at the morning session. You can also register as an official participant and present your work within 15 minutes. The speaker can talk within one hour.

Check with the organisers of the festival the availability of presentation.

21. Can I change my category from a viewer to an official participant upon arrival?

You can change your category upon arrival and pay on the spot:
— £ 250 for participants.
The cost of participation with a 25% discount (for members of the Guild) will be £ 188.

22. Are events such as networking lunch, coffee break, and so on (except for a gala dinner)?

Most likely not, but our organisers will try to provide hot drinks.

23. What language should the speech be in?

The priority is to speak in English, but you can also speak in Russian. The festival organising committee will try to provide you with translators (not a native speaker).

24. Is it true that the winners of the Open Eurasia contest will be chosen based on his presence at the festival?

Prizes will be awarded by decision of the jury, regardless of whether the contestant was present at the festival. However, the finalists have the opportunity to personally present their works. There is a chance that your presentation may affect the final decision of the jury.
It also should be mentioned that according to statistics, at least 50% of the contestants receive awards without being present at the festival.

25. What is the dress code for festival events?

For events such as awards or dinners, dress code should be formal.
It is acceptable for men to dress in suits of any colour, with a tie. Women can wear a cocktail dress, trousers, skirt.
For other events, dress code should be casual style.