Video Reviews

"This is the time for reflection, as our busy lives have stopped for a while. It might have able us to get more creativity and more inspiration around some of our goals and projects that we wanted to bring on stream (to launch) in the past but never quite found the time. And therefore I strongly encourage you to find the time now to build on your creativity and to produce what are you passionate in so we will be able to discover the next talent from Eurasia." ​
Nick Rowan
UK, London
John Farndon is an author, playwright, songwriter and poet, and chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild
John Farndon
UK, London
Simon Hollingswort- Translator, Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)
Simon Hollingswortl
UK, London
Timea Jurčová- writer, 3rd place in the category "Publicism", in the competition "Open Eurasia" 2019
Timea Jurčová