Cinema Future (Film Festival)

The film festival organized by the Film Industry Expert Council (ECG) is a premier event open to aspiring young filmmakers aged 11-18, transcending boundaries of nationality, residence, and religious background. This festival offers a dynamic platform for emerging talent to exhibit their creative prowess, share compelling stories, and connect with the global film community.

By fostering an inclusive environment, the festival empowers young creatives to express their unique perspectives, thereby enriching the cinematic landscape with diverse narratives and fresh insights

Through this initiative, the ECG endeavors to nurture and celebrate the vibrant creativity of young filmmakers, providing them with an invaluable opportunity to showcase their potential and embark on an inspiring journey in the world of cinema.


  • The Power of Friendship
  • We are Different
  • Our Smaller Brothers (about animals), ecology, sports.

Addnational Awards:
Best realisation of an idea on the screen
Best Female/Male Actor
Best cameraman
Best Technical Specialist (editing, design)

You can find out the rules and submit your work on the FILMFREEWAY.

Contacts: for organisational questions please email: (project coordinator Ludmila Voevodina), for technical questions: (Chairman of the Expert Council on Cinema Arman Alimzhanov).