The Open Eurasia is a contest which is connecting everyone, no matter of different geographical and political positions, it allows you to develop, get acquainted with the latest works written in different countries, participate in their discussion, and therefore staying informed about modern literature. «Open Eurasia» gives an opportunity to spread its participants’ works around the world and the winner in the category of “literary work” gets the opportunity to publish his book in the UK.

Not only the number of participants is growing every year, but the geography is expanding remarkably as well. This shows a interest of different countries to take part in the competition «Open Eurasia».

The communication between Europe and Asia is largely based on common historical and civilizational premises. This allows us to create intensive cultural exchange between the countries of Eurasia. The main goal of the competition is to bring all cultures together, promote and spread literature all over the world.

The Open Eurasia contest is held on a global scale and allows writers, poets, illustrators, directors to express themselves to the whole world, helping to preserve and enhance the best traditions of world art.

Over the course of its history, the competition has undergone many changes, one of which has been the coverage of not only Central Asia, but also the entire Eurasia. Since 2015, the competition has been held by the Eurasian Creative Guild (London).