Past winners


The winners of the Open Eurasia 2019 competition 


1st place: Ion Jani (Russia – Armenia) – $ 5000 grant from Hertfordshire Press
2nd place: Aydin Shemi-zade (Russia)
3rd place: Alexander Chigolsky (Belarus) and Temirbek Joldobaev (Kyrgyzstan)
“Short Prose”:
1st place: Torgyn Zholdasbekgizy (Kazakhstan) grant $ 1000 from Hertfordshire Press
2nd place: Klara Kabylgazina (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Kenja Navoi (Uzbekistan) and Marina Markina (Russia)
1st place: Ekaterina Khlebnikova (Russia) award “Song of the Moth” from the studio of Ermek Amanshaev ($ 2000)
1st place: Josephine (Sagynbubu Berkinalieva) – Kyrgyzstan, prize / medal “Lira” ($ 1000)
2nd place: Banu Esengeldi (Germany / Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Valery Terkin (Russia) and Svetlana Razmyslovich (Russia)
1st place: Cordelia Buchanan Ponczek (Poland), Lev Gumilyov Prize from OCA Magazine ($ 3000)
2nd place: Katerina Gladkaya (Ukraine)
3rd place: Sofia Timurovna (Slovakia) and Akylbek Dzhumanaliev (Kyrgyzstan)
A special prize for best literary criticism was awarded to Gulsifat Shahidi (Tajikistan).
“The best children’s work”:
1st place: Hope Silver (USA) Maria Shevel Prize ($ 5000)
2nd place: Mikhail Kunitsky (Belarus)
3rd place: Dina Oraz (Kazakhstan) and Zaure Turekhanova (Kazakhstan)
“Best female author”:
1st place: Janna Golubitskaya (Russia) Marzia Zakiriyanova Prize ($ 5000)
2nd place: Aldona Grupas (Great Britain / Lithuania)
3rd place: Dilorom Nishanova (Uzbekistan / USA)
1st place: not awarded (Nemat Kelimbetov Prize)
2nd place: Platinum (Russia)
3rd place: Helen Rush (Great Britain / Latvia) and Andrey Esaylov (Russia)
“Literary Translation”:
1st place: Simon Hollingsworth (Great Britain) Irina Bustard Prize ($ 1000)
1st place: Maria Kevaeva (Russia), “BelRoss” prize from Oleg Nesterkov ($ 1000)
2nd place: Luche (Israel)
3rd place: Olga Marusina (Belgium) and Alena Filippova (Russia)
1st place: Nurlan Abishev (Kazakhstan) Live Line Prize from Adam Kapanov ($ 2000)
2nd place: Igor Barbov (Russia) and Alexander Batykov (Uzbekistan)
3rd place: Aliya Temuriyzoda (Uzbekistan)

Additional awards:
The Prize of Generals from the International Association “Generals of the World are for Peace”, the highest award of the Association – the “Dove of Peace” medal for the best work on topics of strengthening, peace, friendship and mutual understanding between peoples was received by: Lenar Shaeh (Tatarstan / Russia)

Certificates “Generals of the World for Peace” were issued to the following laureates:
Ksenia Kirillova (USA)
Aleksandra Taan (Russia)
Danday Yskakuli (Kazakhstan)
Bayangali Alimzhanov (Kazakhstan)
Elena Aslanyan (Armenia)
Lyudmila Blokhina (Russia)
Michael Ananov (Georgia)
Dana Zheteyeva (Kazakhstan)
Ahmet Ahat (Kazakhstan)
Yufim Sanya (Russia).

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to the following participants:
Ivan Arjona Pelado (Spain / Belgium)
Aiya Maxutova (Kazakhstan)
Oksana Zhukova (Crimea)
Elena Bezrukova (Kazakhstan)
Nick Rowan (UK)
John Farndon (UK)
Stephen M. Bland (UK)


The winners of the Open Eurasia 2018 competition

1st place: Hosiyat Rustamova (Uzbekistan)
2nd place: Murat Uali (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Nurgulya Osmonkulova (Kyrgyzstan) and Tatiana Bestvitskaya (Ukraine)
1st place: Lina Dee (Russia)
2nd place: Farhat Tamendarov (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Alona Kita (Israel)
“Short Prose”:
1st place: Alla Velts (Czech Republic)
2nd place: Husan Tursunov (USA)
3rd place: Anna Gogoleva (Russia)
“Best female author”:
1st place: Lyudmila Dubkovetcaia (Moldova)
2nd place: Stasya Myo (Ukraine)
3rd place: Eva Sever (Russia)
“The best children’s work”:
1st place: Arina Chunaeva (Russia)
2nd place: Kulubek Bokonbaev (Kyrgyzstan)
3rd place: Svetlana Krivoshlykova (Russia) and John Reeves (Belarus)
1st place: Oksana Gordiiko (Poland)
2nd place: Andrey Esaylov (Russia)
3rd place: LMN (Kyrgyzstan) video clip for Sultan Rayev’s book “The Flood”
1st place: Agafon Boke (Russia)
2nd place: Elena Lobova (Russia)
3rd place: Maria Erokhina (France) illustration for Alexey Batusov’s work “The Love of Stones”
“Literary Translation”:
1st place: Translation of a passage from Gulsifat Shahidi’s book “Tales of Grandmother Gulsifat” (Tajikistan)
2nd place: Dana Zheteyeva (Kazakhstan) translation of Yulia Sobolenko’s poem “The Freaks”
3rd place: George Butchard (UK) translation of the excerpt from the book of Nadezhda Kolyshkina “Feast instead of war”
Winners of awards established during the festival.
Prize them. Marziya Zakiryanova for the best women’s work in the amount of $ 5000, the owner of which was Lyudmila Dubkovetcaia (Moldova)
Prize them. Nemat Kelimbetov in the amount of $ 5,000 for the first place in the category “Video” was awarded to Oksana Gordiiko (Poland)
Prize them. Maria Shevel for the best children’s work in the amount of $ 5,000 winner, which was the writer Arina Chunaeva (Russia);
The writers of the Generalov from the Association “Generals of the World are for Peace” were awarded: Kuchkar Norkobilov (Uzbekistan), Oksana Zhukova (Crimea), Firdaus Khazipova (Russia), Nadezhda Serebrennikova (USA), Alexander Chigolsky (Belarus), Ayzat Rakysheva (Kazakhstan), Nina Belomestnova (Russia), Temirbek Joldobaev (Kyrgyzstan).
The Live Line Award of $ 2.000 for the first place in the category “Illustration”, established by Adam Kapanov, was awarded to Agafon Boke (Russia)
The award “Butterfly’s song”, founded by the creative studio of Ermek Amanshayev, in the amount of $ 1,000 for the first place in the sub-category “Poetry” was awarded to Hosiyat Rustamova (Uzbekistan)
Prize them. Irina Drofa in the amount of $ 1,000 for the first place in the category “Literary Translation” was awarded for the book Gulsifat Shahidi (Tajikistan).


The winners of the Open Eurasia 2017 competition

1st place: Nadezhda Kuzmenko (Ukraine)
2nd place: Elena Korneeva (Russia)
3rd place: Galym Zhaylybay (Kazakhstan)
1st place: Sultan Raev (Kyrgyzstan) + a laureate of Henryk Sienkiewicz prize
2nd place: Roman Kazimirski (Montenegro)
3rd place: Saule Doszhan (Kazakhstan) and Verdi Yossi (Russia).
“Short Prose”:
1st place: Jacqueline de GE (USA)
2nd place: Lenar Shaeh (Russia)
3rd place: Isajon Sulton (Uzbekistan) and Mukhamed-Ali Sulayman (The Republic of Crimea)
1st prize not awarded to anyone
2nd place: Vyacheslav Leskov (Belarus)
3rd place: Yulia Sagadatova (Russia).
1st place: Ann Poly (Russia) + the winner of the award named Adam Kapanova Live line
2nd place: Dauren Kasteev (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Maria Erokhina (France)
“Literary Translation”:
1st place: Michael Makin (USA)
2nd place: Alla Fishbein (Russia)
3rd place: Ekaterina Kravchuk (Belarus) and Feruza Eshmirzayeva (Uzbekistan).
The winners of the prizes established in the framework of the festival.
Marziya Zakiryanova prize for the best female work in the amount of $5,000, the owner of which was the poet Anna Komar (Belarus). The prize was awarded by Asel Artykova and Shahzoda Nazarova;
Mary Shevel prize for the best children’s work in the amount of $1,000 which was the awarded to writer Kamran Alioglu Salayev (Azerbaijan). A palm branch was awarded by the Yakut writer Evdokia Irincheeva (Ogdo);
award from the Association of Generals — “Generals of the World are for Peace” and the highest award – the medal “Dove of Peace”, which was awarded to Adam Kapanov (Kazakhstan) for the best work devoted to the strengthening of peace, friendship and understanding between peoples. And with diplomas from the international Association Generals were awarded: Raim Farkhadi (Uzbekistan), Naziken Alpamyskyzy (Kazakhstan), Anastasia Kuzmicheva (Belarus) and Temirbek Joldobaev (Kyrgyzstan).

The publishing house Hertfordshire Press announced own nominations. The best book of the year was recognized the book Everything depends on me by the young writer from South Africa Megan Werner.
The writer from Bashkortostan Marcel Salimov was awarded in the nomination The Breakthrough of the year. Author of the year became the writer from Kazakhstan Yermek Amanshayev. Contribution to the development and promotion of Eurasian literature Award was awarded to the Uzbek writer Sharaf Rashidov. The publishing house also announced an additional award For personal contribution to the unification of the peoples of Eurasia through literature, which was awarded to the Tajik writer Gulsifat Shahidi.


The winners of the Open Eurasia 2016 competition

“Literary work”: 
1st place: Maral Kydyrova (Turkmenistan)
2nd place: Muhammad Sharif (Uzbekistan)
3rd place: Yulia Sibirtseva (Russia); Oleg Chernitsyn (Russia).
“Literary Translation”:
1st place: Aliya Karimova (Russia — the Republic of Tatarstan)
2nd place: Nadezhda Serebrennikova (USA)
3rd place: Ekaterina Kravchuk (Belarus)
1st place: Maria Lozbeneva (Russia)
2nd place: Zhenis Nurlybayev (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Dina Gorkavchenko (Russia); Nadezhda Adamenko (Belarus)
1st place: Dlyaver Dvadziev (the Republic of Crimea), (Nemat Kelimbetov Award)
2nd place: Maria Abadieva (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Alexandra Shpartova (Belarus): Anna Bernes (Kazakhstan)

The winners of the “Video” category were announced on November 26 at a ceremony hosted by Fitzroy House and the top award of $ 5000 dedicated to the memory of Nemat Kelimbetov, was proudly presented by Craig Murray, former UK Ambassador of Kazakhstan, to Dlyaver Dvadziev (the Republic of Crimea). 

Winners of four separate awards:
Best Female Work: poet Shahzoda Nazarova (Tajikistan/Netherlands). Prize of $5000.00, dedicated by Marzia ZakiryanovaPresented by M. Zakiryanova’s grandson, Tamerlan Zakiryanov and Yakutian poet Natalia Kharlampieva, winner of the award in 2015.
Best literary work on the subject of civil society position: Dildora Tulyaganova (Uzbekistan/Turkey) prize of $3000 dedicated by Sara Ishanturaeva, Presented by Hamid Ismailov, Head of BBC Central Asia.
Best work for Children: Evdokia Irincheeva (Ogdo), prize of $ 1000 dedicated by Maria Shevel, Presented by Aleksandra Vlasova, Art Director, Hertfordshire Press.
“Dove of Peace” Medal: the highest award granted by the  Association of “Generals of the World for Peace”: Raushan Burkitbarva-Nukenova (Kazakhstan) for the best work on the topic of strengthening peace, friendship and mutual understanding between peoples.  Presented by Tajik writer Gulsifat Shahidi.

In addition to the above, special awards were announced by Hertfordshire Press:
Best book of the Year: Shahsanem Murray: “Cold Shadows”
Best Newcomer: Stephen M. Bland 
Author of the Year: Gulsifat Shahidi
Lifetime achievement: Kazat Akmatov 
Poets Maide Akan (Kazakhstan) and Anzhelika Levandovskaya (Belarus) were awarded decorations by the Association of “Generals of the World for Peace”.

Certificates of the Association of Generals were also awarded to:
Alexander Zelichenko (Kyrgyzstan)
Anna Skvortsova (Russia)
Lenar Shaeh (Russia)
Marina Mikhailovskaya (Kazakhstan)


The winners of the Open Eurasia 2015 competition

“Literary work”: 
1st place: Zinaida Longortova (Russia)
2nd place: Alexander Zelinchenko (Kyrgyzstan)
3rd place: Kurmanbaev Espenbetov (Kazakhstan) and Shahodat Ulug (Netherlands-Uzbekistan)
In the “Literary Translation” category:
1st place: 
Ikhtiyar Hodja (Australia-Uzbekistan)
2nd place: Natalya Poly (Russia)
3rd place: Alex Sidore (Kyrgyzstan)
The winners in the “Illustration” category are:
1st place: Nikolay Anisimov (Ukraine)
2nd place:Regina Relang (Russia)
3rd place: Anastasia Ermolina (Kyrgyzstan) and Irina Sergeeva (Belarus)
In the “Video” category:
1st palce:Kamal Hasanov (Azerbaijan)
2nd place: Vladislav Jarko (Kazakhstan)
3rd place: Flora Gazieva (Kyrgyzstan) and Zarina Akchurina (UK)

Marziya Zakiryanova Prize for the amount of $ 5,000 for the best women’s work was won by Natalia Kharlampieva (Russia). The award was presented by Tamerlan Zakiryanov.
Arkadiy Bezrukov Prize for the amount of $ 1,000 for the best work on the subject of mountains was won by Pavel Shumov (Russia). The prize was handed out by Elena Bezrukova.
Generals Award from the Association of Generals “Generals of the World are for Peace”. The Association’s highest award, “Dove of Peace” medal for the best work on the topic of strengthening of peace, friendship and mutual understanding between peoples, was awarded to Gulsifat Shahidi (Tajikistan). The prize was handed out by honorary member of the Association, Marat Akhmedjanov.
Nemat Kelimbetov Prize (the amount of $ 5,000) for the victory in the “Video” category and experimental film “Open Eurasia and Central Asia-2015” was won by Kamal Hasanov (Azerbaijan). The award was handed out by kazakh author Mukhtar Shakhanov.

Certificates of Merit from the Association were presented to:
Tamara Balavadze (Georgia)
Shahsanem Murray (Scotland-Kyrgyzstan)
Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center (UK)
Yuldosh Juraboev (UK-Uzbekistan)
Maxim Korsakov (Israel-Canada)
Ann Lari (UK)

In 2015, the festival organizers established the following new awards:
“Breakthrough of the Year”, the diploma went to Kazakh poet, a member of the Writers’ Union and the Kazakh PEN club, Raushan Burkitbayeva-Nukenova.
“Author of the Year”, the diploma went to the British historian, Robert Toby Wight, author of “Vanished Khans and Empty Steppes”.



The winners of the Open Eurasia 2014 competition

“Literary work”: 
1st place: Tolibshohi Davlat (Tajikistan)
2nd place: Bubaysha Arstanbekova (Kyrgyzstan)
3rd place: Lily Kalaus and Zira Naurzbaeva (Kazakhstan)
1st place: Jasur Touraev and Efrat Sharipov (Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan)
2nd place: Ashot Danielyan (Uzbekistan)
3rd place: Eldar Nasyrov (Kazakhstan)
1st place: Vitaly Bondar (Belarus)
2nd place: Tatyana Davydov (Germany)
3rd place: Lolly (Ukraine)
“Literary Translation”:
1st place: Alex Ulko (Uzbekistan)
2nd place: Catherine Myasnikova (Russia)
3rd place: Dilya (Kazakhstan)

Nemat Kelimbetov Award of $10,000 for the first place in the “Video” category and experimental film won by Jasur Touraev and Efrat Sharipov (Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan). The award was presented by Kayrat Kelimbetov (Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan).
Marziya Zakirianova Award of $5,000 for the best female work in any category was won by Lenifer Mambetova (Republic of Crimea). The award was presented by Kayrat Zakiryanov (President of the Kazakh Academy of Tourism and Sport).

A number of writers, who were invited as honoured guests were awarded by the National Medal «Кітап мәдениетіне қосқанүлесіүшін» (For their personal contribution to the development of literary culture):
Janusz Leon Wisniewski (Poland)
David Parry (United Kingdom)
Kazat Akmatov (Kyrgyzstan)
Nick Rowan (United Kingdom)

Special award (diploma) for authors who have made a special contribution to the development and promotion literature of Central Asia.

In 2014, the award was given to the outstanding Kazakh writer Nemat Kelimbetov. The diploma was a received by the granddaughter of the writer, Shynar Kelimbetova. Alongside the Open Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival the Dorogoe Udovolstvie (Luxury) magazine presented the winners of a special ARTWORDS category — best authors, according to the publisher:
Zira Naurzbaeva and Lily Kalaus for «In Search of the Golden bowl. The Adventures of Batu and his friends»
Ashot Danielyan for «Breakwaters»
Dinara Sadretdinova for «Emergency exhale»
Vladimir Krasnov for «Lasts longer than a century life…»
Marat Galiev for «At the bottom of Kapchagai Sea»
Dmitry Markevitch for “Ekzistorium”
Igor Narushev for “Feeling the marketing”
Hermes Kij for «Disappeared code»
Zarina Bikmullina for «Faithful»
Anastasia Nikolayuk for «In the fairy town with red roofs»
Julia Eff for «Notes of psiholuh»

The International Association of “Generals of the World are for Peace” initiated their own awards ceremony of the “Dove of Peace” medal, honorary certificates and plaques for contribution to the maintenance of peace and understanding in today’s society. The awards were presented by the Head of the Association, General Anatoly Skargin.
“Dove of Peace” Medal: Janusz Leon Wisniewski (Poland), Major-General
Gabdulhakim Zhashibekov (Kazakhstan).
Honorary certificate of the International Association Generals for Peace:
David Parry (United Kingdom), Elena Semenova (Kazakhstan), Paul Wilson (Australia), Robin Thomson (UK), Elena Bezrukova (Kazakhstan), Nick Rowan (United Kingdom), Gulzhan Sarymsakova (Kazakhstan).
The Symbol For Peace of the International Association “Generals of the World are for Peace”: Zina Karaeva (Kyrgyzstan), Alex Ulko (Uzbekistan), Onur Demirbas (Turkey).


The winners of the Open Eurasia 2013 competition

“Literary work”: 
1st place: Abdulla Isa (Zaur Hasanov – Azerbaijan)
2nd place: Turusbek Maldibaev (Kyrgyzstan)
3rd place: Halima Ahmedova (Uzbekistan)
“Literary Translation”:
1st place: David Mashuri (perevod Durnyam Mashurovoj – Kazakhstan)
2nd place: Saadat Ibrahimova/Ian Peart (Azerbaijan – UK)
3rd place: Rahima Abduvalieva (translate Chingiza Ajtmatov – Germany – Kazakhstan)
1st place: Asol’ Bilyalova (Kazakhstan)
2nd place: Irina Gogol’ (Kyrgyzstan)
3rd place: Hashim Kurban (Kazakhstan)


The winners of the Open Eurasia 2012 competition

“Illustration”: Aigul Khakimjanova (Kazakhstan),
“Literary Translation”Zina Karaeva (Kyrgyzstan),
“Literary work”: Galina Dolgaya (Uzbekistan).

The names of the winners were announced at the closing ceremony of OCABF-2012.

The prize fund of OCABF-2012 was $15,000, which allowed Galina Dolgaya to publish her book in Great Britain and to visit one of the biggest book fairs in the world — London Book Fair 2013, with Zina Karaeva.