How to take part in the Open Eurasia 2021 competition… for FREE

How to take part in the Open Eurasia 2021 competition… for FREE

The Open Eurasia competition has been running since 2012, attracting a high standard of entries, and it is growing each year. But entry to this prestiguous contest is open only to members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London).  So how do you enter if you’re not a member already?

There are three routes:

1)    Join the ECG as a full member by filling out the form on the website ( and paying the membership fee.

2)    Gain temporary FREE membership by completing an assignment for the organizing committee to write an article in English or a review in Russian.

3)    Be a poet under the age of 26.


Let’s talk in detail about the last two.

 Important! Free membership is only open to first-time participants in the competition. This membership will be valid until 1st December, 2021.


• Completing an assignment:

1)    Fill out the Guild member’s form (indicate ‘free membership’) at the link:

2)    Write to us at email or on WhatsApp +44 7490 576 010, telling us about your desire to complete the assignment from the organizing committee.

3)    You will receive an assignment to write an article on a specific topic in English (word count from 1000 to 1200 words) or a review of a book published by Hertfordshire Press in Russian (300 to 500 words)

4)    Subscribe to us on social networks Instagram (@open_eurasia) or facebook (

5)    Send the completed task to

6)    Register in the competition and make your entry. More about registration for the competition at the link:


This free membership counts as membership in the «Contestant» category and provides an opportunity to participate in all 7 categories of the competition.

 • Young poets

If you are a poet under 26 years old, then you need only complete step 1 and step 6 above. In this case you can only participate in the category «Poetry».


Further details can be obtained from


email or WhatsApp +44 7490 576 010

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