Accepting applications to the contest of 2020 is over!

For all creative people from all over the world!

We would like to announce that accepting applications to the “Open Eurasia 2020” international contest is closed on 20.09.2020!!! 

Talented writers, poets, translators, journalists and illustrators were invited to take part in the contest. Every participant did the best, has put much effort into his work, and we definitely were pleased to watch how art is developing. Thanks to all of you for participating and for the unique works that you’ve submitted! Your works prove that the aims and the main idea of the contest are realizing, that creative world is in its progress and that people are more courageous and active nowadays! Your contribution into art’s advancement is inestimable.

There were 980 applications in total from 46 countries: out of them 518 applications from Russia, and the most popular category of this year is “Poetry” — 366 applications. After we familiarize ourselves with all the works, our wish to meet their authors become much more stronger. We hope that we will have this chance on the international festival “Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum”, where will be awarded all winners. The festival will be held in November 2020 in Madrid, Spain. It will be an event on the global scale, like the end of the year, and absolutely every person can participate in it! We believe that participation in the festival will make your lives bright, will bring you new acquaintances with leaders of the  planet, and of course, will inspire you to new ideas and thoughts of future works. And if you have something to declare to the audience, but can’t visit festival because of pandemic: don’t worry! We provided absentee participation for you, so you will able to take part in the event online! We will be happy to see you all!

And also we remind you that the “Open Eurasia” contest isn’t held for the first time, so people, who couldn’t participate in the contest of 2020, can apply for competition of 2021!!! We will announce the opening of accepting applications for the “Open Eurasia 2021” soon, in November 2020. That means we will wait for your wonderful works next year!
Follow all the news and announcements on the official website of the contest: Open Eurasia.

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