12th International Festival OEBF Announced

Kazakhstan and Scotland to Host the Festival from September 25-30 and October 27-29, 

The organizers of the 12th Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum are delighted to announce the dates and locations for this prestigious literary event. The festival will be held in Kazakhstan from September 25th to 30th and in Scotland from October 27th to 29th.

The Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum aims to celebrate the rich literary heritage of the Eurasian region while providing a platform for established and emerging writers to showcase their talent. With a diverse range of workshops, panel discussions, readings, and cultural events, the festival has become a haven for literature enthusiasts, researchers, and writers from around the world.

Kazakhstan (resort Borovoe), known for its vibrant literary scene and burgeoning talent, will host the first leg of the festival from September 25th to 30th. OEBF will be held on the basis of the art residence ECG, hotels: Rixos Borovoe, «Dom u Ozera», Park Hotel Kokshetau and Park House. The event will feature renowned writers from Kazakhstan and beyond, who will share their experiences, present their works, and engage in discussions. Participants can expect a vibrant atmosphere and an exploration of different literary genres that capture the essence of Eurasian literature. 

The competition part will be held in Kazakhstan. What does this mean? Voting of the audience — participants of the festival, announcement of the results of the competition «Open Eurasia: Super Cup» will be held on September 25 — 30th.

The festival will then move to Scotland (Glasgow and Isle of Bute) from October 27th to 29th. Scotland, known for its rich literary traditions and thriving creative community, is an ideal location for the second phase of the festival. Attendees can expect a dynamic program featuring a diverse range of writers, poets, and literary figures from across Eurasia and beyond. The festival in Scotland will delve into the realms of storytelling and prose, providing a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and literary exploration.

Both segments of the festival are expected to attract literary enthusiasts,publishers, and readers eager to delve into the vast world of Eurasian literature. Participants will have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, discover new voices, and deepen their understanding of the Eurasian literary landscape.

Additional details regarding the festival program, participating authors will be made available after the end of registration of participants. 

To become a participant of the festival, please select the format of participation and fill out the form

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