XI OEBF: Marziya Zakiryanova’s award recognise the hard work and achievement Eurasian writers

The Open Eurasia Competition (OEBF) awards contribute to the culture of the Eurasian region, helping the society to learn about today’s unique people! They also support writers and help strengthen cultural ties.

Since 2014, the award to them. Marziya Zakiryanova, founded by philanthropist Kairat Zakiryanov, as part of the Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum (OEBF), helps talents get published in the UK.

The award is given for the first place in the nomination “Best female author”. The winners in different years were writers from Belarus, Germany, Crimea, Moldova, the Netherlands and Russia. Last year, the competitive part of the most prestigious Eurasian literary festival XI OEBF was held for the first time on a distant but beautiful continent near New Guinea and Tasmania — in picturesque Australia, in the cultural capital of the country — Melbourne.

Applications from 50 countries were submitted to the last XI Open Eurasia competition, the laureate of the Prize named after. Marziya Zakiryanova was a native of Uzbekistan — Alisa Klima. The results were announced at the Bath Restaurant on the shores of the Southern Ocean, Sorrento, Mornington County, Victoria. The name of the Kazakh writer Marziya Zakiryanova sounded in another hemisphere, entering history forever.

Writer Alisa Klima ana vice-chairman Marat Akhmedjanov

Prize to them. Marziya Zakiryanova was established in honor of a strong, independent woman who, despite her disability, did not stop smiling and enjoying life, giving love and warmth to her loved ones, helping her own example not to give up and move on despite all the hardships of life. It is no coincidence that it was Alisa Klima who received this award, because telling her story to the world, the writer says: “And yet, all this time, she did not let go of her unconscious plan — to make the reader fall in love with life, no matter what. Life was generous with sensations and adventures, which themselves began to gather into words, sentences, paragraphs and volumes … I believe that creation is impossible without love in the broadest sense. “

Alisa Klima’s book “Children of the Red Horde: the Late Sketch” will be published in London in 2023 at the expense of the award, and the presentation will take place in autumn 2023 as part of the OEBF festival.

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