Possibility of alternative participation in the Open Eurasia competition — 2022. Quotas. Updated rules.


The international contest «Open Eurasia» has been held since 2012 and over the years it has developed and strengthened its position among other contests. Open Eurasia has undergone many transformations. Opportunities, awards and categories of participation have expanded. One of the innovations — only members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) can participate (www.rus.eurasiancreativeguild.uk)

There are 2 ways to become a member of the Guild:

  1. Fill out the application form and pay the membership fee, which will allow you to take part in all categories of the Open Eurasia and Voices of Friends contests.
  1. Fill out the application form and complete the task from the organizing committee to obtain membership (write a review on one of the books published by Hertfordshire Press), which will allow you to take part in one category of the contest for free.

Important! Alternative membership can only be obtained by participants who take part in the contest for the first time. This membership will be valid until December 1, 2022.

An important change was the introduction of quotas (restrictions) by country for participation in the contest in 2022. The quota for free participation is the places allocated by the organizers for the countries to which those participants who managed to apply and have fulfilled all the conditions on time will be accepted.

From October 1, 2021, in order to take part in the contest for free, you have to:

Step 1

Fill out the Guild member’s form: https://www.rus.eurasiancreativeguild.uk/categories/  (indicate the category “Open Eurasia Contestant”)

Step 2

Write to konkurs2022@ocamagazine.com or write by whats app at +44 7490 576 010 about your desire to complete the task from the organizing committee.Important! The subject line of the letter should indicate “I wish to participate in the contest for free”)

Step 3

Write a book review in Russian (English optional) with a minimum of 300 words. 10 days will be given to write a review.

Step 4

Send the completed task to konkurs2022@ocamagazine.com

Step 5

Subscribe to the social networks of the contest: Facebook or instagram (@open_eurasia)

Step 6

Share your written review on social networks and tag us!

Step 7

Select a category. Fill out the application form for participation in the contest: https://www.awardslondon.com/rules2021/

Step 8

Send a work, an excerpt and a photo for publication on the site.

This membership counts as membership in the «Contestant» category and gives you the opportunity to participate in ONE category of the contest.

If you are interested in an alternative (free) participation format, please write to us by email: konkurs2022@ocamagazine.com or by whats app at +44 7490 576 010

* The organizing committee has the right to request a screenshot proving your subscription (that you have shared the review you wrote).

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