The call for applications for the X — Anniversary Open Eurasia Contest — 2021 has been completed!

Dear friends!

The call for applications for the X — Anniversary Open Eurasia Contest — 2021 has been completed!

The works of participants who have fulfilled all the necessary requirements will appear on the site until September 25, 2021. Also, from September 6-9, you have a chance to make changes to your works that have already been published or report bugs.

Amazing and strong, capable and skillful writers, poets, translators, journalists and illustrators from all over the world have applied for the international competition “Open Eurasia — 2021”.

Each participant spent the most valuable time — to show the world their creation, be it a story, novel, painting, satire, poem, ballad or other, put part of their soul into their work, and we certainly enjoyed watching the application process and we met so many creative people worthy of attention. Thank you all for your active participation in the competition and for the amazing entries that you submitted!

Each work, illustration, essay is an indicator that the main idea and goals of the competition are being realized, that the creative world is progressing and changing during the pandemic, which has left its mark and is reflected in many works submitted this year. Creative personalities have become bolder and more active! Your contributio

 n to promoting the art and the peace of mind of your audience is invaluable.
In total, there were about 1000 applications for the competition from 46 countries.

Having studied the works, we intensified the desire to get to know their authors personally, and we hope we will have such an opportunity at the international festival “Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum”, within which the winners of the competition will be awarded. The festival will be held in November 2021, more information will appear on the competition website and social networks. This will be a large-scale event, like the end of the year, in which absolutely everyone can take part!

We believe that participation in such a grand event will bring its colors into your life, give you new acquaintances with the leading people of the planet, and, of course, will inspire you to new ideas and thoughts for future works. If you have something to declare, but you cannot attend the festival in person, then we want to please you: you can take part in the event online! We will be glad to see each of you!

And of course, we would like to remind you that the Open Eurasia competition has been running since 2012, which means that there is no room for disappointment for those who did not manage to apply this year, because the set of participants for the 2022 competition will be announced soon!

Therefore, we look forward to hearing about the start of accepting your wonderful works next year!

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