A book gives a person wings. A writer must dream-live his images, otherwise there is no writer. Applications for the international competition in the category “small prose”are open!

A book gives a person wings.
A writer must dream-live his own images, otherwise there is no writer
(GLADKOV, Fyodor Vasilievich)

Who doesn’t know Chekhov’s elegant and witty stories, Gogol’s Petersburg stories, or Pushkin’s famous “Belkin Stories”? This small form of epic is loved and revered by many generations of readers and authors. The Open Eurasia competition presents the award named after Aiya Maxutova for the best author in the category «small prose».

The Open Eurasia international competition has been held since 2012. Over the eight years of its existence, the competition has received more than 10 thousand applications from authors from different countries, different in age, nationality, genres and themes. The “small prose » category was established in 2017. And in 2020, the first award in this category appeared named after Aiya Maxutova in the amount of $1000. The goal of the award is to find among the contestants those who can briefly but succinctly tell this world a fascinating story. Winner of the Aiya Maxutova award gets a unique opportunity to publish her or his story in the Eurasian literary collection «Thread V» and present it at the annual international festival Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum (OEBF) in 2021.

The Open Eurasia contest accepts works in Russian, English, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Ukrainian, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Tatar, and Belarusian that have not been published in English before. Applications are accepted until September 5, 2020. This year’s award ceremony is planned to be held in November, in Madrid (Spain) as part of the 9th OEBF. Finalists of the competition will be able to come to the festival to present their works and get acquainted with the winners of previous years. Applications are accepted from all comers. For more information about the terms of participation in the competition and festival, visit the official website: http://www.awardslondon.com/

Previously, the winners of the “small prose » category were: Jacqueline de Geu from the United States, Alla Velts from the Czech Republic and writer Torgyn Zholdasbekkyzy from Kazakhstan.

“Open Eurasia «contest is an opportunity to leave your mark in the history of short stories, to conquer the literary Olympus in the most difficult direction — “small prose».

There is nothing more difficult in the world than to write simple, honest prose about a person.
Ernest M. Hemingway


The Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum is an annual international open literary festival and forum that brings together poets, writers, artists, Directors, artists, and creative people of all professions from the Eurasian region and around the world. The festival and forum is built on the principle of openness and interaction of all arts based on literature, providing an opportunity to establish dialogue and communication within the literary and cultural space and providing an opportunity for authors to Express themselves.

Aiya Maxutova — member of the Eurasian creative Guild (London), poet, diploma Holder of the International festival» world Poetry Day» «Honorary sports figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, public figure.

The Eurasian literary collection «Thread» is an annual project of the Eurasian creative Guild. The collection contains works by members and friends of the Eurasian creative Guild, once United by one common cultural space — the countries of the former Soviet Union.
The authors ‘ works combine common themes inherent in the creativity of the peoples of Eurasia, who honor the traditions of their ancestors, their roots, and gravitate to nature.

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a non — profit organization that promotes and unites creative people of all spheres and forms of art. The Guild has gathered thousands of cultural figures from all over the world and is created as a community of writers, musicians, dancers, illustrators, designers, sculptors, poets, as well as anyone who considers themselves a creative person.

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