The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) has got great news for its members

For the first time the competitive part of the most prestigious XI Eurasian literary festival called “Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literature Festival” (OEBF)  will be held on a distant but marvellous continent not far from New Guinea and Tasmania, washed by the great Pacific and Indian oceans, — in picturesque Australia, namely in Melbourne.

Australia will host two significant events — the XI OEBF Festival and the VI Eurasian Culture Week (ECW). A series of creative meetings, presentations of Guild members, exhibitions, a musical performance based on the book by Dulat Isabekov and many other interesting events will be held in Melbourne!

Back in 2018, at our OEBF festival in Thailand, we made a wish  to hold a festival in distant Australia someday. Finally, the moment has arrived. 

The legendary events will take place on December 10-16, 2022 due to numerous requests from our contestants. We look forward to seeing all of our old and new talented and creative  friends in Australia!

For our Guild members in Europe and those already planning a trip in November, we will be hosting a number of events in Europe as part of the OEBF 2022.

  1. On November 16-17, the eve of the OEBF festival, namely the AIDEX exhibition / creative meeting, will take place in the capital of amazing architecture and delicious chocolate — Brussels (Kingdom of Belgium). 
  2. On November 19, there will be an event dedicated to the published books of the Hertfordshire Press authors. The main program of the creative meetings will be the HP AWARDS ceremony in London.

We also want to remind you that you can participate in all our events: both in person and in absentia (online and / or video message)

All previously announced dates for ECW and OEBF 2022 will be cancelled, whereas visa invitations issued will remain valid.

Be sure to register for all events and apply in advance for visas to the UK and Australia.

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