OEBF — 2021: Illustration Category Shortlist

We are grateful to everyone who submitted works for the 10th Open Eurasia — 2021 contest! It is very pleasing to see so many talented people willing to share their creativity.

The winner in the illustration category will receive an award “the Vector. Poetics” from the BelBrand Association. (www.belbrand.by).

The laureate will be announced during the Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum in Tashkent (December 15-19, 2021)

A little reminder! We still accept applications for the 11th international contest — Open Eurasia 2022!

The terms of participation are, as always, on our website: www.awardslondon.com/rules 

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The final reached: 

Kovalev (Crimea)

Daria Antonenko (Russia)

Irina Pakhmutova (Cyprus)

Katerina Zgurskaya (Russia)

Marina Vernalis (Russia)

Poet Shura (Georgia)

Serhiy Bedusenko (Ukraine)

Sophia Karmazina (Australia)

Hoteya (Kazakhstan)

Emilia Gojayeva (Azerbaijan)

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