OEBF in Madrid

We will hold the 9th Literary Festival and Book Forum (OEBF) on 20-23rd November 2020 in Madrid — engaging a previously untapped area of engagement. Previously we have brought over 3000 visitors both local and international to our 8 prior festivals. During this time, a culture of solidarity will be demonstrated at exhibitions, concerts, book presentations and meetings with creative people.

The objective is to create a community of talented Eurasian artists. For this festival, we aim to expand our audience and participants by inviting southern Europeans to see the greatest examples of Eurasian culture from Eastern European minorities.

Our festival has an ethos of building cultural bridges between participants and audiences working within it, it also seeks to improve the wellbeing of minority ethnicity people and communities in their non-native countries. At the moment the European societies that we connect with are struck with isolation and public spaces are closed under lockdown, creating a daunting situation to make new work and engage with each other.  The minority ethnicity creatives that we work with in individual countries are finding it difficult to find support networks whilst physically isolated. We feel it is timely and important that we create opportunities that champion connectivity and creativity within our network and beyond which has a structure of European inclusiveness. This online initiative will improve the feeling of solidarity, a reduction of isolation and wellbeing (especially when creative people are most likely to be subject to depression) between a number of different country’s minority inhabitants.

For the digital connectivity aspect of the festival we will engage through competitions and online events. Although this is a wide net, since 2012 we have already united over 10 000 international contestants of our literary competitions (mostly from Eastern European minorities).

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