Eurasian Creative Guild (London) announces an international competition of works in the genre of journalism

The theme “Great Eurasia: successes and problems of regional cooperation”

The vast territory of Eurasia includes 94 states. 94 independent international relations and developing republics. For more than 30 years, the countries of the post-Soviet space have been building interregional relations with each other and with other countries on the mainland; they occupy their position on the world map as independent, strong states. What did these connections lead to? What do we have today? Economic, political, cultural relations that affect the lives of billions of people – how do they develop? Is it in the right direction?

We can talk both about economic relations between all the countries of Central Asia and about cooperation between countries far apart, for example, Uzbekistan and Latvia. We can talk about unrecognized states and their connections, about the works of oriental artists, hung out in British galleries. Hundreds of options, each of which is of paramount importance in the framework of stable, healthy and promising international relations.

Tell us about them! What is this all about today?

Main prize: Prize named after Lev Gumilyov for $ 3000 from OCA Magazine.


The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) within the framework of the international literary contest Open Eurasia – 2019. Open Eurasia is an annual international open interactive contest uniting poets, writers, artists, directors and publicists. The competition has been held since 2012, during which time 20 authors were published and presented in London at the expense of the competition awards and presented in London *. In 2019, the Open Eurasia prize fund will be $ 31,000.

The winners will be announced at the international Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literature Festival in Brussels on November 14-17, 2019.

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