Results of the XI Literary Festival

Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum (OEBF-2022)

From December 10 to 16 in Melbourne, Australia, the XI International Literary Festival “Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literature Festival” was held.


The Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum (OEBF), organised by the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) together with the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press, has become a meeting place for writers, poets, artists and other representatives of the arts for the eleventh time, but this year cinema and literature united.


The Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literary Festival was attended by creative people from around the world, such as Israel, Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, Russia, Moldova, USA, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, France, Belarus, Spain, Turkey , China.


The official opening of the festival began with the opening speech of the Vice-Chairman of the Guild Marat Akhmedjhanov and the premiere of the play by the Australian producer Warren Wills based on the book of the famous Kazakh playwright Dulat Issabekov «Borte: Empress of the World»


The play tells about the difficult life of the wife of the “universal ruler of Mongolia” Genghis Khan, Borte. The guests of the festival had the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of that time, to feel the relationship between the two most powerful people of the greatest empire in the world since the time of Rome.


The opening was enchanting, the event was attended by more than 100 people, the event was attended by the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Australia, Andrew Fernyhough, the Consul of India, Mongolia, representatives of the press, cinema and the literary community of Melbourne.

On Saturday, December 10, the literary marathon «Voices of Eurasia » was held in online and offline format. Talented authors from different parts of the Earth were presented: Natalie Mitz, Alexander Kazarnovsky, Lara Prodan, Lyudmila Larkina, Marina Shkrobova — Vernalis, Baqyt Bek Qadyr, Cathie Cayros, Elena Aslanyan, Aldona Grupas, Alex Levin — Arlev, Alisa Klima, Anna Demina, Vera Sytnik, Dana Zheteyeva, Elena Bezrukova, Elena Soboleva, Yesenzhan Abubakirov, Zhyldyz Urmanbetova, Karybek Baibosunov, Kati Beyaz, Ksyusha Zero, Lenar Shaeh, Liya Sizova, Lyubov Kazaziants, Lyubov Mosley, Mar. Salim, Marina Alyasova, Marina Vardan, Maria Zhumagulova, Maria Muchinskaya, Natalie Wong, Nina Yagolnitser, Nurgul Moldabaykyzy, Olga Sivey, Yulia Olshevskaya-Hatzenböller and Nurym Taibek


On December 11, there were presentations of books by the writer and poetess Victoria Levin and Alexander Kazarnovsky, winner of the Hertfordshire Press Award literary award in the Bestseller nomination of the Hertfordshire Press publishing house. As well as getting acquainted with the new books of the Hertfordshire Press publishing house and the works of the winners of the 9-10th international competition “Open Eurasia-2020-2021”.


  1. Сундук безумного кукольника, Нина Ягольницер
  2. War will tell the further plan, Александр Казарновский
  3. Turmoil, Дулат Исабеков
  4. «Leah and Ayh the sewing doll», Наргиса Карасартова
  5. Соседушки, Сказки бабушки Гульсифат, Гульсифат Шахиди
  6. In the loyal eyes of a friend, Андрей Гродзинский
  7. “West Midlands Ho!”, Алдона Групас


It should be noted that the book of the outstanding Lithuanian writer Aldona Grupas was presented and donated to the Lithuanian Cultural Center in Melbourne, Australia.


On December 12, at the Bath restaurant on the shores of the Southern Ocean, the city of Sorrento, Mornington County, Victoria, the award ceremony for the winners of the Open Eurasia competition was held.

Grand Prix — Award from the Hertfordshire Press.

Golden ten in the category “prose” (top 10)


Elena Soboleva (Russia) — 1st place

Marina Alyasova (Kazakhstan) — 2nd place

Olga Sivey (Russia) – 3rd place

Julia Olshevskaya-Hatzenböller (Germany) – 3rd place

Alisa Klima (Russia)

Cathie Cayros (France)

Valery Yuabov (USA)

Viktor Uskov (Russia)

Nina Kim (Belgium)

Saule Abdramanova (Kazakhstan)


 Maria Shevel award for the best work for children.

Prize: $5,000*


Natalie Mitz (Australia) — 1st place

Ksyusha Nol (Turkey) — 2nd place

Nina Yagolnitser (Israel) — 3rd place

Lyubov Pivnik (Great Britain) – 3rd place


Saltanat Rakhimbekova award for the best work in the nomination “Academy”

Prize: $3500*


Nurgul Moldabaykyzy (Kazakhstan) — 1st place

Anna Demina (Spain) — 1st place

Zhyldyz Urmanbetova (Kyrgyzstan) — 2nd place

Nurali Nurzod (Tajikistan) — 3rd place

Igor Savitsky  award for the best work in the nomination «Art-book»

Prize: Grant $3500*


Marina Vernalis (Russia) — 1st place

Maria Zhumagulova (Kazakhstan) — 1st place


Vladimir Schastny award for the best work in the nomination “Heritage”

Prize: Grant $3500*


Lenar Shaeh (Russia) — 1st place

Aldona Groupas (Great Britain) — 2nd place

Ludmila Larkina (Australia) — 2nd place

Darien Roitman (Israel) — 3rd place

Raykhan Imahanbet (Kazakhstan) — 3rd place




Kazat Akmatov award for the best work in the category “Small Prose”

Prize: Grant $3,000*


Golden ten in the category «Small prose»:


Alexander Kazarnovsky (Israel) — 1st place

Baqyt Bek Qadyr (Kazakhstan) — 2nd place

Lara Prodan (USA) — 2nd place

Elena Bezrukova (Kazakhstan) — 3rd place

Natalie Wong (Bulgaria) — 3rd place

Kati Beyaz (Great Britain)

Love Mosley (USA)

Vera Sytnik (China)

Anastasia Kuzmicheva (Belarus)

Lyubov Kazaziants (Israel)


Jonathan Fryer award for the best work in the category «Publicism»

Prize: $1,000*


Bubuira Bektenova (Kyrgyzstan) — 1st place

Umutai Eralieva (Kyrgyzstan) — 2nd place

Dina Mustakova (Kazakhstan) — 3rd place


Aya Maksutova award for the best work in the category “Translation”

Prize: $1000*


Karybek Baysunov (Kyrgyzstan) — 1st place

Dana Zheteeva (Kazakhstan) — 2nd place

Yesenzhan Abubakirov (Kyrgyzstan) — 3rd place

Anatoly Lobov (Georgia) — 3rd place


Marziya Zakiryanova award «Best female author».


Alisa Klima (Uzbekistan) 1st place

Kati Beyaz (Great Britain) 2nd place

Vera Sytnik (Russia) 3rd place

Cathie Cayros (France) 3rd place

Award Egor Panshin for the best work in the category “Satire”

Prize: $500*


Leah Sizova (Great Britain) — 1st place

Mar. Salim (Russia) — 2nd place

Marina Vardan (USA) — 2nd place

Alex Levin (USA) — 3rd place

Maria Muchinskaya (Belarus) – 3rd place


Award Bolot Shamshiyev for the best work in the category “Dramaturgy”

Prize: $500*


Inana (Armenia) — 1st place

Alexander Kazarnovsky (Israel) — 2nd place

Olga Shpakovich (Russia) — 2nd place

Maxim Isaev (Belarus) — 3rd place


Category “Review”


Anatoly Lobov (Georgia) — 1st place

Inana (Armenia) — 2nd place

Raisa Melnikova (Lithuania) — 2nd place

Vita Balyabas (Ukraine) — 3rd place

Additional awards were medals from London Poezja. Barbara Yurkovskaya-Navrotskaya.

Medals were awarded to Oksana Zhukova, Victoria Levina, Alexander Kazarnovsky


On December 13, the film The road to the peak (the best documentary of the III ECG Film Festival — 2021) was shown, directed by Oksana Zhukova and Oleg Drevnitsky. The film was shown as part of the presentation of the Arkady Bezrukov Prize.


Within the framework of the festival, zoom conferences were held under the guidance of festival director Anna Lari:


December 13, online master class on developing a personal brand from ECG Executive Director Taina Kaunis


December 14, conference from the Expert Council of the guild for business coaching: The Secret of Psychology «STARS». Meeting with the «STARS» ECG. The moderator was Elena Bezrukova. Shared their secrets: Andrei Grodzinsky, Daien Shaul Roitman, Anastasia Kuzmicheva, Lyudmila Dubkovetskaya, Marlan Nysynbaev, Natalia Makhno.


Conference from the Expert Council of the Translation: Translation bridge to the wonderful world of poetry

Moderator: Elena Bosler, speakers: Alina Moseykina, Victoria Levina, Jonathan Campion, Maria Muchinskaya. The long-awaited diary was presented as part of zoom: a collection of poetry and an art catalogue “Voices of Friends”


The final conference was held from the Expert Council of the Guild of Fiction, December 16th. Speakers: Elena Aslanyan, Lenar Shaeh, Anna Gogoleva, Cathie Сayros. The book manager of Hertfordshire Press publishing house Anna Nikolaeva presented the collection Thread — 6, dedicated to Elizabeth II.

OEBF is the only literary festival in the world that since 2012 has been promoting the literature of the Eurasian region at the international level. The festival provides an opportunity for authors to talk about their work, exchange experiences and find like-minded people from around the world to implement joint projects.

acceptance of applications for the 12th literary competition “Open Eurasia -2023” starts on March 1, 2023




Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a non-profit public organisation founded in 2015 in London in order to unite and promote cultural and art figures of the Eurasian region in the English-speaking space. The main activity of ECG (London) is the organisation and holding of festivals in different countries of the world, literary and creative competitions, conferences and other events, within which creative people have the opportunity to discuss new projects, present their work, as well as get acquainted with the work of colleagues and get the opportunity to go international.


«Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literary Festival» is a unique event that aims to popularise literature in Eurasia and promote national authors abroad. It is designed to unite writers from all over the world and provide information support to national literary creativity.




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